Top 10 Fat Burning Foods


We try to manage as many things as possible to accomplish our health goals. One such thing is to choose what to eat. Our food choices can have a huge impact when it comes to weight issues. Food stored as fat in our body can contribute to our weight gain and make us want to lose them quickly. But there is no magic wand available to instantaneously burn those fat. Instead the simplest way would be to eat foods that can help our body to have a better metabolism. This along with better lifestyle choices can help to burn the accumulated fat.

Here we have gathered top 10 fat burning foods:

Green Tea: They contain a compound known as ‘catechins’ which helps to increase metabolism and fat burning rate of liver. It can directly target fat deposits of abdomen which is considered to be the most difficult fat deposits to get rid of. If you want to lose fat it would be beneficial to consume it instead of carbonated drinks or alcohol. Green tea could also be preferred to artificially sweetened fruit juices, as they contain artificial sugar which inhibits the process of weight loss.

Eggs: They are one of the best source of proteins that are available to us. Proteins are difficult to digest, which means more calories get burned for its breakdown. They help us in building greater mass of muscles, which not only good for aesthetic reasons, also helps in burning more calories. This cycle makes sure that extra calories received by body gets invested in muscles rather than forming fats. They also ensure satiation, which is the feeling we get when we are full with food.

Nuts: These are the secret super foods, by being a powerhouse of all the essential nutrients our body demands. They provide us with fiber, protein, carbohydrates and good quality of fat. For fat burning walnuts and almonds are vital. Walnuts consist of omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for nerve health. Almonds provide us with fiber, protein and calcium. Their anti-oxidant properties helps in keeping cells active which also helps with metabolism.

Fish: They contain good fat such as omega-3 fatty acids. Fats such as these take longer time to get out of stomach, so they make us feel fuller for longer duration. This helps us by feeling less starved. It also helps us with reducing inflammation, increasing good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) and decreases bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). This helps in increasing body’s metabolic rate. Consuming salmons twice a week has been found to be beneficial in weight loss.

Whole Grains: This food category can be thought of as a vintage superstar coming back in vogue. After filling ourselves up on refined carbohydrates but still feeling hungry, as when we feel like after having breads and buns made from processed flour. People all over the world are embracing whole grains again they are the good carbohydrates that our body needs to fulfill its calorie demand. They also provide us with much needed fiber and essential nutrients. Food items like brown rice, whole wheat, barley are good sources of good carbohydrates.

Vinegar: Their acidic content has been found to turn on fat burning genes. Apple Cider Vinegar has been recommended to consume daily along with diluted lukewarm water. It helps with boosting the metabolism process. If consumed early in the morning it can aid in the production of digestive juices. It also helps with decreasing blood triglycerides and has been known to control appetite.

Apples: Among all the fruits available to mankind, apple has stayed to top and rightly so. They are a trove of nutrients. But most importantly, they contain flavonoids, the ingredient responsible for giving many of the exotic fruits their distinct color and odor. These are known to increase calorie expenditure and fat burning. They also provide us with soluble fiber that makes us feel less starved.

Yogurt: The probiotic content of yogurt helps in improving digestion, increasing satiety, decreasing glycemic response which helps in efficient burning of fat. These probiotics also help in improving the conditions necessary for microbiome to thrive. The good bacteria content in yogurt enables better gut health which contributes significantly to better metabolism. They also enable better assimilation of nutrients through gut linings. This helps us in avoiding extra calories.

Spinach: All green leafy vegetables can contribute to fat burning as they are packed with essential nutrients and minerals which increases body metabolism. Spinach in particular is a star, and not just because it has been sponsored by Popeye. Its rich iron content enables good quality of blood supply which helps with better supply of nutrients to all areas in body. This helps in getting rid of extra fats that get deposited around nutrient starved body organs.

Legumes/Lentils: They are best food source for much needed complex carbohydrates. Combined with whole grains they provide all essential vitamins and minerals for vegetarians. This is why they have always held high ground among them. They provide us with dietary fiber which can increase satiety and can help us feeling full. They can be prepared in various ways that need much less cooking time as compared to meat products. By providing us with essential minerals they boost body’s metabolic rate which helps in burning fat.

These food items not only help us in burning more fat but also help to improve our overall well being. Food items like green tea and yogurt help us to relieve stress by improving gut health. Nuts and fruits containing flavonoids help us with delivering essential nutrients that can be readily absorbed. Eggs and fish pack us with amino compounds that are not easily available from plant based food. Vinegar can cut hard fat and upshot metabolism along with green leafy vegetables such as spinach. Whole grains, lentils and legumes can make us feel full and less starved. This short list is far from complete but gives a good start for those who want to begin and continue to eat good food that can also help them in fat burning.



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