Brief Look On Jogging – An Easy Exercise To Lose Weight


Jogging is a good form of cardiovascular exercise but acts as an excellent course of action for weight loss. Accordingly, jogging is absolutely a great way to get in shape and lose weight. This is the most easiest form of exercise which takes no time to learn and absolutely no any special equipment required. Additionally, whole body is targeted in aerobic fashion. Jogging not only strengthen your legs and abdomen and help burn fat, it also helps in strengthening your cardiovascular and respiratory systems as well. Consider some useful tips to assist you in losing weight through jogging with ease.

Key Benefits Of Jogging

As a matter of fact, jogging is the free and popular form of physical exercise which is practiced by more than million of people. It is considered as an appealing exercise because it does not cost a penny and any one is able to run any time that suits them most. There are some amazing benefits of jogging. Some of them are mentioned below :

  • Helps build strong bones as it is a weight bearing exercise
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Plenty of kilojoule is burnt
  • Help you maintain a healthy weight
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved immune system
  • Improves psychological and mental health
  • Improves bone and joint health
  • Cut inflammation
  • Improves longevity

Difference Between Running And Jogging

Most often people get confused between these two terms running and jogging and assume both words as similar term. However, there is little difference between both the two terms. Running is faster and uses more kilojoules whereas jogging is a form of aerobic exercise which means physical activity that produces more energy by combining oxygen with blood glucose with body fat.

Jogging Helps In Reducing Good Amount Of Weight

The amount of weight loss due to jogging is however different for both men and women. It has almost no equal with regards to weight regulation. A rough estimation says that you will burn around 150 calories for every mile you do jogging. And jogging on the regular basis would increase the number of calories you lose in the long run. There is after-burn effect also. You will be losing additional calories for next 48 hours right after your last run. Accordingly, this is considered as the most efficient ways to reduce weight and get into perfect shape. It is assured that you will achieve your fitness goals faster than any other cardiovascular exercises you do like walking.

Goals To Be Set Up For Losing Weight

Bear in your mind that your goal is to lose weight quickly and easily. So you need to consider these points.

  • Getting fit – If you are a beginner then you should start with brisk jogging then slowly increase the speed.
  • Overall fitness – Mix up your jogging with other forms of exercises such as swimming and sports to maximize the overall results.
  • Plan your diet – Adjust your diet which includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables wholegrain cereals, meats, low fat diary products. Avoid in take of junk foods, soft drinks and sugar.
  • Companionship – You could start jogging with your friend and may join a club.

Bottom Line

Jogging is the most easiest and efficient form of exercise that will help you burn those extra pounds that stubbornly won’t come off. So before hitting a treadmill or moving to gym, you must give a try for jogging. Though a time tested exercise but has reaped important health benefits for million of people.


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