Exercise & Weight Loss : Know How To Burn Calories


Importance Of Weight Loss

In today’s modern world the life style of an individual person is a bit different as compared to our ancestors. Every one wants to be healthy and fit but due to our changing society the modern lifestyle has become a part of our life. Today 90 percent of the world population is suffering from a very serious type of disease called obesity. Which is the main key factor of causing all types of major serious diseases like Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Hypertension etc.

Therefore the first step to be taken is loss of weight as to stay healthy and fit. Weight Loss means decrease in weight of the body which results in either involuntary or voluntary conditions. Weight Loss can only be achieved by balancing with eating of nutritious diet and performing healthy level of physical activities i.e. exercising, weight lifting, running-walking, gyming, aerobics etc. Efficient weight management strategies can only be maintained by a healthy weighted body over time.

Consequences Of Exercising

Exercise can be explained as the physical activities that are aimed, incorporated and redundant for the determination of making you body strong, fit and healthy. It may increase life presumption and the overall excellence of life. Exercise is a body activities that are to be performed to intensify or sustain overall health, physical fitness and robustness as it is important means for physical rejuvenation. It can be performed for various reasons such as muscles strengthening, enhancing growth and development, weight loss, aging prevention etc. Physical exercising is very essential for maintaining physical fitness and also helps in the maintenance of muscle strength, regulating digestive health, joint mobility, healthy weight, building or maintaining healthy bone density, reducing surgical risks, promoting physiology, and stimulating the immune system.

How Much Exercise Should Be Done

The best things which you can do for your healthy body is regular exercising which has many advantages such as reducing your risk for many chronic diseases as well as improving your overall health and fitness also. The recommended span of time is needed by a person for exercising to be healthy are given below :

To stay healthy an adults needs to perform two types of physical activity per week: strength exercises and aerobics. Muscle strength is also very necessary for daily activities such as to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure, to build strong bones and to help maintain a healthy weight. At least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling, skateboarding, water aerobics or brisk walking every week, strength exercises of 2 or more days per week that works for all the major muscles of the body (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms) like weight lifting, push-ups, power yoga, Pilates etc.

What Type Of Exercise Should Be Performed

Regular exercising and a healthy diet are the key factors for the weight loss. Here some of the essential, highly effective calorie burning exercises are advised to be conducted by the infected person who really wants a quick weight loss. They are as follows:

  • 1. Walking – Start with Walking as brisk walk for 10 to 15 minutes on a regular basis can really keep you fit and healthy. It is also considered as a very good exercise for beginners. One should try to cover small distance and gradually the distance should be increased so that one don not feel fatigue.

  • 2. Yoga – It is considered as very good for weight loss and to keep your body in shape. By performing yoga, body gets flexible and it is really effective in treating obesity. Therefore it is considered as best way keep your body fit both physically and mentally. There are various postures and anasazi in yoga that are worth trying that suits your body.

  • 3. Jumping Rope – Skipping or jumping rope is considered as most affordable form of exercise for weight loss. This can help you shed those extra calories more than you probably expect. Also it is good for muscles and helps in toning it. However it should be done carefully if you are not used to it as it might twist ankles if not properly done.

Apart from above mentioned tips, swimming, cycling etc can be considered as great form of exercise as you don’t have to spend any bucks as in gyms or have to undergo dieting which requires great patience.


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