Do Diet Pills Work for Weight Loss?


Diet Pills cannot be the all-round answer to the much desired goal for weight loss. Every one wants to look and feel the best they can and ideally enjoy a healthy and long life. To accomplish such an overarching goal, it would be unwise to leave everything on simply a pill. Even scientific studies are scarce to show that the much coveted goal of losing one’s extra weight can be easily achieved using purchased or prescribed pills.

What Works To Sustainably Achieve Weight loss:

The most time tested way to weight loss has been eating good food and moving more both of which needs to be consistently followed, which can explain the resistance most overweight people feel towards them and hence gravitate towards a diet pill which are typically marketed to accomplish the magical process within days. Unfortunately there is no such diet pill available, which can be trusted upon or has undergone a scientific review process to validate its claim.

Weight loss is a complex process that involves many factors and one can at best guess to what can be achieved during that process. Each and every individual is unique and so is their body. Hence this uniqueness deserves proper and considerate care, instead of a quick fix. However certain ingredients have been found to be beneficial such as green tea and can be of genuine help for losing some of those unwanted extra calories.

Diet pills available over-the-counter generally claim to work by increasing an individuals metabolism, by suppressing their appetite or by allowing less absorption of fat in the body. These objectives can be easily achieved by other ways such as eating nutritious food, detoxing our body, staying hydrated, consuming fiber or even by including superfoods in our daily diet, which can be considered to be natural medication without any side effect.

Still if one wants to know about the diet pills that are generally available for weight loss, we have mentioned them based on the effects that they claim to have on our body. They are:

  • Xenical – helps to prevent absorption of fat in our body.
  • Qsymia – is meant to reduce appetite and thus helps in eating less.
  • Belviq – can help to facilitate in controlling food cravings.
  • Saxenda – is believed to help one feel satiated, while eating less food.
  • Contrave – can aid in burning of calories.
  • Vyvanse – has been found to reduce food craving.
  • Alli – has been known to prevent absorption of fat.
  • Glucomannan – acts as a fiber supplement.
  • Green Tea – acts as a stimulant
  • Hoodia – is believed to reduce hunger

Why Diet Pills Are Not The Right Answer:

Diet pills or the ingredients that they constitute may act as a tool which can aid in the process that is beneficial for weight loss. Although as a mark of caution, an individual needs to make sure that they consult a medical practitioner before swallowing anything that can supposedly alter their body’s metabolism and can change its underlying mechanism. There are different standards of regulation for different kinds of products such as prescribed, non-prescribed or dietary supplements. Hence it becomes necessary to evaluate the pros and cons before taking any pill.



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