Once you start to research about weight loss tips, you get many advices. People have different kind of opinions and solutions for regarding weight loss. You can come across so many different  kinds of stories online or magazines. Also various instagram stories about weight loss are there for you. But how can you believe that these are the best solution for your weight loss problems. But now you don’t have to worry as we have consulted various fitness experts and dietician to come up with the best weight loss tips from them. These tips will definitely help you in going for a safe and healthy weight loss process.

Go For Green Vegetables :

Yes, you heard it right. Green vegetables are the best way to keep you full and healthy. They are rich with fibers which keep you full for longer period of time. Secondly they are low in calorie so you can eat them a lot in your meals.  It will keep your body healthy and also won’t put weight on you. You can include green vegetables in all your meals.

Dieting Is Not A Good Option :

Everyone thinks dieting is a good option but no it’s not. Instead of helping you to lose weight , you will end up putting more weight due to dieting. Dieting is a practice for those, who have very strong will power and can follow the hard routine in their life. But for those who want to lose weight and start dieting for few days , ends up gaining more. The fact behind this research is, once you start dieting for few days , your carvings for calorie rich diet and junk food grow proportionally. In those situations you are not able to control your diet and you start eating again too much , which results in overeating and gaining weight again.

All the research have shown that dieting does not work. So what’s the best way to be healthy and fit while eating. The best way is to go for various nutritious based food plan. Get more calories and nutrients from your food. You can minimize to go for junk foods gradually.

Best Exercise For Losing Weight :

Losing weight is not all about running. You can go to gym and run on those machines but that won’t help much. you need a proper full body exercise to tone you up and help you in losing fat. For this purpose you should go for HIIT (high intensity interval training) and aerobics, Zumba kind of things. These exercises will benefit you overall. you can go for 45 minutes exercise on daily basis. Alternate days you can go for fully body exercise and strength training.

Drink Water

Drinking water helps in boosting your metabolism. This helps to keep you hydrated and at the same time it helps you in losing weight. You should take a glass of water on regular interval. Don’t over drink in one time. Take small amount of water at regular interval.

Go For Whole Food

you should eat healthy and go for whole food. Stop eating processed food and junk stuff. You should concentrate more on whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Lean proteins, nuts all these can be beneficial too.

Go For Intermittent Fasting

People who have failed dieting can go for intermittent fasting. It will help in losing body weight. intermittent fasting can be termed as period of time to eat and period of time to not eat.  You can eat healthy food in that time or what you like, there is no hard and fast rule about eating on this.

These are the best 6 weight loss tips which will help you to shred extra weight.


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