5 Top High Fiber Foods That Help You Lose Weight


Know How High Fiber Foods Increase Weight Loss

In this modern era, almost 8 out of 10 people are suffering from over-weight problem. It happens due to several reasons including sedentary life style, genetic factors, drinking alcohol, smoking and many more. Over-weight doesn’t only make people less attractive but also lead them to several serious diseases. After suffering from over-weight issue, people searches for best foods that help them to lose weight.

When it comes to lose weight, there are several foods available but experts are highly advised people to intake high fiber foods. According to a recent study, people who added more fiber foods in their diets without changing anything they lost too much weight. High fiber foods tens people to be healthy because it helps them in regulating several body functions

Facts Worth To Know About Fiber

Fiber, a form of indigestible compound or part of plant that helps people to feel fuller on just fewer calories. It slows down the digestion speed and keep the glucose level of blood steady for longer period of time. The high rich fiber foods deliver some crucial substances that bodies need to process the food and substance fills up. Fiber can be divided into two categories including Soluble and Insoluble. Soluble fiber easily dissolves in water where Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in the water easily.

Role of High Fiber Foods In Weight Loss

  1. Stomach Filling Such a food item fill up stomach in just fewer bite and control the hunger pangs. By intaking high-fiber foods you can easily avoid yourself from intaking unhealthy snacks that tend you to over-weight issue.
  2. Reduce The Body Inflammation High-fiber foods usually help beneficial gut bacteria that releases certain substances and reduces body inflammation level.
  3. Reduce The Storage Fat High-fiber foods include bother solution and insoluble form that reduces sugar absorption rate into blood and lower the blood sugar level which means it lowers the insulin level and helps people in reducing weight.
  4. Reduces The Appetite The soluble form of fiber like water form gelly substances that helps to slows down procedure of stomach emptying. It increases digestion time and reduces appetite to eat more and more.

How Much Minimum Recommended Fiber Should People Daily Intake


Age Female Male
1-12 19 19
4-8 25 25
9-13 26 31
14-18 26 38
19-30 25 38
31-50 25 38
51-70 21 30
Over 70 21 30

Benefits of High Fiber Foods

  • Lower the risk of Type II diabetes.
  • Moderates blood sugar levels.
  • Lowers the Cholesterol levels.
  • Regulates blood sugar level.
  • Reduces heart disease risk.
  • Helps in reducing over-weight issue etc.

Top 5 High-fiber foods that help you lose weight

1. Avocado

It is one of the top high-fiber food items that doesn’t only pack the excellent dose of fiber but also contain more potassium than a banana. It is known as all rounded fruit which is rich in Vitamin K, heart healthy mono unsaturated fats and nutrient that helps people to build strong bones. To lose over-weight issue, people must eat an avocado on the whole wheat toast for breakfast. ½ cup of avocado delivers 120 calories and 5 grams fiber.

2. Raspberries

This fruit is very sweet and juicy that help contains more fiber. The little seeds of this fruit might be annoying as they stuck in teeth but it contains too much fiber, so people must in take it to lose weight. To make it tastier you can blend it with oats or mash them with banana. 1 cup of Raspberries contains 64 calories and 8 gram fiber.

3. Whole Wheat Spaghetti

Spaghetti is known as a comfort food. To enhance the fiber value of spaghetti people must create a healthier meal. They must switch out white hair pasta for whole grain version. Whole grain noodles keep grain’s protein intact while same grain is striped to make the regular spaghetti white. Whole wheat spaghetti has a prebiotic effect and help people to maintain it balance. 1 cup of Whole wheat spaghetti contains 6.3 gram fiber.

4. Blackberries

Blackberries is a low-sugar fruit that contains potassium, calcium, Vitamin K, Vitamin A and high fiber. It is one of the best high-fiber food item that you must use to lose weight. You can add it to smoothies, mash into the plain yogurt, dot on top of the healthy desserts or snack. This anti-oxidant fruits contain more fiber. A cup of Blackberries contain 50% of day’s Vitamin C and 7.6 gram fiber that help to reduce cholesterol level and boost the heart health. So, you must add it into your daily diet.

5. Flax seeds

Flax seeds are rich in the healthy fats and dietary fiber. Ground flax seeds are easy to sneak more fiber into any dish because they contain high fiber and loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. It bulks up stools, makes your stomach full and increase your satiety levels. The people who want to lose weight they can easily grind it at home and add it to oatmeal, smoothie, a glass of fat-free milk or salad. 1 cup of Flax seeds contains 13 gram soluble and 12 gram insoluble fiber.


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